Belie Belcan


Belie Belcan is an amazing Misterio able to combat any evil that may come to harm an individual. With his protection and aide, you will never have to worry about an evil spell/trabajo or any other sort of evil befalling you because of another jealous evil individual.

Understanding and firm, Belie is known for his kindness when dealing with the human race. Seen in the Arch Angel Michael, who defeated the Devil, Belie assists in obtaining work and defeating your enemies.

When seen in possession, Belie talks in a low, shaky voice. He is seen limping from a wound that he had received in battle. He is often very tired, because he is called upon so many all over the world and is constantly working. He does not tolerate injustice and will not fail in defending his children when he sees injustice being committed. For this reason, he is excellent when it comes to influencing the judge in court cases.

You too can help reverse evil with Belie Belcan. To do this, you will need to obtain the following ingredients:

  • A clear glass filled to the brim with water with no markings
  • A small tea saucer
  • A handful of rock salt
  • 7 emergency candles (Small white candles)
  • A brand new spoon

You will take the glass of water and slowly pour in the rock salt. As you do this say:
“This is the bitter and evil work that X has tried to throw at me”
Using the spoon, you will stir it until all the salt has dissolved, saying the following all the while:
“It is not salt that dissolves here, rather it is the work of X that is dissolving by the power given by Papa Bondye to Belie Belcan”

Keep stirring until you no longer see any salt. Then place the saucer on top of the cup and flip it over. So now the bottom of the glass is on top, and the saucer is holding the water inside the glass at the bottom. Take an emergency candle and light it. Place it on the bottom (which is now the top) of the glass. Then pray from your heart to God and Belie telling him what you want him to do (ie return the evil to from where it came). Light a new candle on top of the glass everyday for seven days.

As a Mama Mambo, I often prepare protections under Belie’s influence for my clients. These protections serve to automatically reverse any negativity directed at the person carrying it. Some individuals ask me to place the punto of Belie in their houses, so that this awesome and powerful Misterio can protect their residence as well.

Belie has a very huge following all over the world. Some do not know him by this name and have yet to discover all of the awesome and powerful things that this Mystery can do for them, but they know him. His feast day, along with all of the Angels, is on September 29th. If you are dedicated to him, you should give him a small offering on this day.

Generally speaking, most people dedicated to Belie give him an offering of Rum Brugal (the yellow kind), a large cigar and some mani. I know some other servidores that also offer him red wine. I hope that you enjoy Belie as much as I do!

Gracias A La Misericordia!!!

Santa Marta

Santa Marta



Santa Marta is the owner of my head and by far my most loved Misterio. She is a powerful Metresa, often misunderstood, who is known to be able to resolve even the most dire and seemingly unsolvable cases.  Metresa Lubana, which is the punto which I am closest to, arrives in possession as a beautiful woman. She is the one point of this Spirit that walks and talks. You can see her in her image, right there in the middle, she is the woman. When she comes, she sprays her perfume on herself and her fula. She then ties her head up, sometimes in purple at other times in green.

She smokes long menthol cigarettes and drinks a nice tall glass of beer with some drops of another infusion poured into it. While she speaks, she often slurrs her “esses” and reveals her tongue quite often. She has no tolerance for laziness or inobedience. Many times, when someone doesn’t listen to her, she will start yelling at the person. If she is angry enough, she will quit working on that person’s behalf.

During consultas (consultations), many times she possesses me spontaneously to give a message to the person. When mounting a caballo, she winds her hips and the top half of her body until she is in full control of the body. Every once in a while, usually when the person has alot of evil on them, she will prefer to smoke a thick, heavy cigar instead of a cigarette.

She can dominate any lover and return any man or woman. Such is the power of Metresa Lubana. That is why she also has alot of influence in her servants’ love lives. She is the woman of her house, and if she doesn’t like it she will quit or she will leave. She advises her caballos in everything, she may let you slide once but the second time she needs to tell you, its not going to be nice.

She is the Woman of the Cemetary, and she is one hot woman. She is a very hot Misterio, and she does not take kindly to disobedience or mistakes. She doesn’t tolerate mistakes, at all. Some say that she can turn on you, but it is not so. She only turns on you, when you turn on her.

I have helped many of my brothers and sisters in this beautiful Religion, Las 21 Divisiones, to return Metresa Filomena Lubana into their lives. Because if you offend her, she can and does leave. She does not tolerates no disrespect and will go on her way, or send you along yours.

I’ve heard and know people who have not taken this Mysterious Woman seriously and they have oftentimes paid dearly for it. Sometimes these people act as if she was just any other dead in the cemetary, or some small Spirit that they may take on . . . . I feel bad for these poor, silly people . . . . .Trust me she is not . . .

There are four puntos of Santa Marta, but there are others as well. See Below .. . .

When I work with Metresa Lubana to return a lover, I often work with her sister and one of Baron’s Centinelas. Her sister, known as Marta La Bruja Furiosa, Marta La Bruja Furiosa, Marta Furiosa assists Lubana in her works by affecting the minds of the victim (aka target) of a trabajo (spiritual work). Her job is to dominate and influence the head, so that the victim is constantly thinking of my client.

Many times, the target of the trabajo reports back to my client that they could not stop thinking of my client while they were apart. Targets have been known to tell my clients that they would see the client, or hear the client’s voice when the client was no where around. For this reason, I am very careful when working with her on a target.

When I was younger, first coming into my abilities, I worked with Metresa Lubana and Marta Furiosa for a client of mine named Natalia. The victim (Carlos) when he returned to my client (they had been separated for over two years) told my client that he heard her voice constantly calling him for the past month, and would see her everywhere. He would dream of her three to four times a week. And that he would see other things too, such as Spirits and that they would always be pushing him to her. They got back together.


Well . . . as time went on, he never stopped hearing his name called whenever they would be apart. And he was seeing and hearing other things as well. Eventually, this drove him crazy. Natalia couldn’t bear him anymore and left him. She reported that his family ended up putting him in a house for crazy people and he has been there since . . . . . .

This is why I like to do a consulta before I get to doing these types of trabajos. But, a trabajo can be done without a consulta . . . . as I did in the story above. One must be very careful when working with Marta Furiosa because she is a very powerful Misterio.

I will also work, depending on the case, for someone with Maguine as you can see her here. She will make the victim restless, constantly wandering around until he gets to the client.

Anyway . . . back to Metresa Lubana, Santa Marta. There are other puntos that are more commonly discussed such as La Morena or La Colora. These are puntos of Santa Marta that arrive as snakes. When she arrives (in possession) she slithers on the ground like a snake. Many times blessing certain areas of the house. She may bless the door, to clear the way for the other Misterios to come. She may bless the Badji (Altar) which gives more fuerza (strength) to its servidor. She may also go to a certain location and slither back to the ceremony to draw other Misterios into Fiesta De Palo. (Voodoo/ 21 Division Ceremony)

She can also help you dominate your enemies. In this case, you are not harming your enemies. You are becoming the winner when they play games with you. If you are having a problem with your boss, she will make your boss stop giving you trouble. You will see your boss treat you as if you were the boss! A landlord giving you grief can also be stopped with one of her special oils. She cleanses people of very evil work. If someone has work that has been done to them in a cemetery, Lubana can undo the work. She can torture your enemy with problems (I know how to do this, but I do not work in this manner).


She is served with black coffee, no sugar on Mondays. Servidores also give her a cigar or cigarette, smoked in her name. In order to achieve certain goals, they may feed her an egg over a mound of coffee grounds covered in honey.

Filomena Lubana works with magical lamps (lampara), oils, perfumes, anchovies, snake oil (aceite de culebra), and red oil.

Lubana teaches her children a lot of magic and how to do work in a cemetery. Those who receive her punto, learn from her very quickly and are easily able to control and dominate almost every situation.


Zili Danto



Zili Danto is a Misterio of Las 21 Divisiones that belongs to the Petro Division. She is a beautiful Lwa that is associated with Santa Barbara La Africana. She is also known as Ezili Danto, Erzulie Dantor in the Haitian Vodou. In the 21 Divisions, however, we often refer to her as Zili Danto.

She is known to be a sister of Metresa Anaisa Danto Pye Basico, some say that she is actually a punto of Anaisa, others dispute she is another Lwa entirely. Whichever way you see her, she is a strong, fierce, fearless Misterio that is very protective over her servants.

In Dominican Vudu, she is known to talk although many times she may not choose to speak when she arrives. She is known to like the colors red, navy blue and green. She carries a knife, which she has no problem using at all! Sometimes it is scary when you see her, she flings that knife around without a care.

She is good in helping single mothers. She can help you find a good man, who will care and provide for you and your children. She can make a dead-beat pay up what he owes you. Whether it is one of your childs fathers, or someone else who owes you money. She will help you raise up a business and do it successfully too.

She holds a child in her hand. She is good to help you if you are having problems with your children. If your children are becoming really bad, not listening or if they have gotten involved in gangs or drugs, she will get them straight. But be careful, sometimes she will get them stabbed or hurt in order to do so. She will do so at any length required. Remember, she is a Petro Lwa after all.

If you have enemies bothering you, she will give them an illness, sharp pains. Sometimes, if the situation warrants it, she can give a fatal heartattack to the person. She may also do this when she wants to punish her servidores for lack of respect, time or disobedience.

Zili Danto has no problem in getting her servidores attention. Sometimes she will show herself as the Saint, exactly as in her picture. I have seen her many times like this. However if she is mad, she can also show herself as a horrible monster, unfortunately, I have too seen this side.

Zili Danto helps in stopping a love affair. If your husband is cheating on you, or if another has stolen a man from you, she can make those people hate each other. Many times the couple will get into a violent fight, and one of them will end up in jail.

She will smoke a cigar or an unfiltered cigarette. Zili Danto drinks red wine, tafia, and strong malt liquor.

Gran Torolisa

Gran Torolisa is the King of the Petro Division. The Petro Division is often feared because the Lwa in it often manifest very violently. The Petros are not evil, they are not demons of any sort. They are just aggressive, hot, and strong Lwa.

Gran Torolisa is the Chief and Leader of the powerful Petro Lwa. When he first arrives, he arrives as a bull charging around, very angry. We give him a red fula and a black fula. I know servidores that give him red and green/white, as well. He drinks clear, high proof rum. He often goes crashing into things, altars, people, when he arrives.

When he shows to be with a person, he will touch them in a certain way. When he does that, he is telling the person that he is one of their Spirits. I once saw him charging at me, when I was doing some work in a field. Behind him were many other bulls and a great big fire. He had a red fula tied around both of his horns.

He is known to be a great protector. He is also known to carry out work on enemies which can cause your enemy sickness or death within 7 days. He will smoke a cigar while he gives consultations. I know a Caballo that works with him, and there is a hole in the wall of his badji. This is where ToroLisa smashes his head when he arrives and the horse keeps his service on the floor below this hole. Above it is a bull that the Caballo painted for him.

Though not many know how to do this, we caballos that work with him, know how to calm him down slightly. Thus we are able to call him to do consultations for our clients and give very powerful Petro Puntos.

Torolisa often puffs air out of his nose alot, like a bull does before it starts charging. When he smokes his cigar, the smoke always comes out of his nose. An altar to Gran Torolisa should have a bull horn to help call him to the servidor quickly.

Torolisa also heals people when he is in possession. Torolisa takes florida water, certain herbs and some of his spit, which he rubs onto the person. Cleaning the person and healing the malady. He is good to work with for male problems, and can even help a couple have a baby.

Torolisa will look for a job for you. He will find it for you quick too. Many people get a job within 7 days of having Torolisa petitioned for it. He is good for pushing past any obstacles and getting it done. Sometimes if a client is lazy and doesn’t have any drive, I administer a special cleansing. This makes the client itchy (not literally), and makes the client very active, determined and driven to do something.