Gran Torolisa

Gran Torolisa is the King of the Petro Division. The Petro Division is often feared because the Lwa in it often manifest very violently. The Petros are not evil, they are not demons of any sort. They are just aggressive, hot, and strong Lwa.

Gran Torolisa is the Chief and Leader of the powerful Petro Lwa. When he first arrives, he arrives as a bull charging around, very angry. We give him a red fula and a black fula. I know servidores that give him red and green/white, as well. He drinks clear, high proof rum. He often goes crashing into things, altars, people, when he arrives.

When he shows to be with a person, he will touch them in a certain way. When he does that, he is telling the person that he is one of their Spirits. I once saw him charging at me, when I was doing some work in a field. Behind him were many other bulls and a great big fire. He had a red fula tied around both of his horns.

He is known to be a great protector. He is also known to carry out work on enemies which can cause your enemy sickness or death within 7 days. He will smoke a cigar while he gives consultations. I know a Caballo that works with him, and there is a hole in the wall of his badji. This is where ToroLisa smashes his head when he arrives and the horse keeps his service on the floor below this hole. Above it is a bull that the Caballo painted for him.

Though not many know how to do this, we caballos that work with him, know how to calm him down slightly. Thus we are able to call him to do consultations for our clients and give very powerful Petro Puntos.

Torolisa often puffs air out of his nose alot, like a bull does before it starts charging. When he smokes his cigar, the smoke always comes out of his nose. An altar to Gran Torolisa should have a bull horn to help call him to the servidor quickly.

Torolisa also heals people when he is in possession. Torolisa takes florida water, certain herbs and some of his spit, which he rubs onto the person. Cleaning the person and healing the malady. He is good to work with for male problems, and can even help a couple have a baby.

Torolisa will look for a job for you. He will find it for you quick too. Many people get a job within 7 days of having Torolisa petitioned for it. He is good for pushing past any obstacles and getting it done. Sometimes if a client is lazy and doesn’t have any drive, I administer a special cleansing. This makes the client itchy (not literally), and makes the client very active, determined and driven to do something.

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