I just want to share a very important piece of information with everyone. One should be very very careful of the things that you do and the people who you interact with in your dreams. When you dream it is the perfect time for negative spirits, demons etc to come in and do things to you that will manifest in your “real life”.

For instance I read a post online about someone signing a contract with someone in their dream. Which could have several different meanings. Like  maybe you will be getting a new job or making some sort of contract whether it be verbally or on paper. It could also mean that you are  making a deal or pact with a bad spirit.

See negative spirits are well aware of the perfect time to make a move on someone’s life, like when they are down and out, desperate to get what you want by any means necessary, or just out right hit rock bottom. They show up in your dreams and take the form of either someone who you know and trust or someone who you don’t know but the opportunity seems really good.

Then the get you to make an agreement with them unaware of the true terms of the agreement and Boom now they’ve got you and you have no idea at what cost. At that point pray to God that you can find someone who can help you. Anyhow back to the post that I read.

So the person said that in the dream they signed this contract and then in real life all of these bizarre things started occurring like,  a usual large sum of money appeared into their bank account(6 figures),a brand new  $3000 computer delivered to the their house followed by several other strange happenings. At this point once you’ve started to accept the things that are being granted or brought to you you’ve sealed and solidified the deal.

 When things like this occur there is a saying that I know we’ve all heard of. It goes a little something like TO GOOD TO BE TRUE. So again Be very careful what yo do in your dreams. It can impact your “real life” in ways that you can’t imagine.

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