Zili Danto



Zili Danto is a Misterio of Las 21 Divisiones that belongs to the Petro Division. She is a beautiful Lwa that is associated with Santa Barbara La Africana. She is also known as Ezili Danto, Erzulie Dantor in the Haitian Vodou. In the 21 Divisions, however, we often refer to her as Zili Danto.

She is known to be a sister of Metresa Anaisa Danto Pye Basico, some say that she is actually a punto of Anaisa, others dispute she is another Lwa entirely. Whichever way you see her, she is a strong, fierce, fearless Misterio that is very protective over her servants.

In Dominican Vudu, she is known to talk although many times she may not choose to speak when she arrives. She is known to like the colors red, navy blue and green. She carries a knife, which she has no problem using at all! Sometimes it is scary when you see her, she flings that knife around without a care.

She is good in helping single mothers. She can help you find a good man, who will care and provide for you and your children. She can make a dead-beat pay up what he owes you. Whether it is one of your childs fathers, or someone else who owes you money. She will help you raise up a business and do it successfully too.

She holds a child in her hand. She is good to help you if you are having problems with your children. If your children are becoming really bad, not listening or if they have gotten involved in gangs or drugs, she will get them straight. But be careful, sometimes she will get them stabbed or hurt in order to do so. She will do so at any length required. Remember, she is a Petro Lwa after all.

If you have enemies bothering you, she will give them an illness, sharp pains. Sometimes, if the situation warrants it, she can give a fatal heartattack to the person. She may also do this when she wants to punish her servidores for lack of respect, time or disobedience.

Zili Danto has no problem in getting her servidores attention. Sometimes she will show herself as the Saint, exactly as in her picture. I have seen her many times like this. However if she is mad, she can also show herself as a horrible monster, unfortunately, I have too seen this side.

Zili Danto helps in stopping a love affair. If your husband is cheating on you, or if another has stolen a man from you, she can make those people hate each other. Many times the couple will get into a violent fight, and one of them will end up in jail.

She will smoke a cigar or an unfiltered cigarette. Zili Danto drinks red wine, tafia, and strong malt liquor.